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David Fowler began his flooring career as an apprentice installer under his stepfather, Butch Jensen, in 1999.  Over the years he continued to grow his flooring knowledge and installation skills until he started his own installation company that was simply named “Floors by Dave” in 2005.  After moving to Las Vegas, NV in 2011 David began installing with subcontractors for Home Depot and Lowes. David began apprenticing as an inspector in March of 2017, purchasing Desert Floor Inspections Inc. in April 2018.


David had a passion for flooring as an installer and now as an inspector.  As an installer, he received his IVC Certification of Installation Training in 2008 and later his Laminate Ⅰ / Hardwood Ⅰ CFI (Certifed Flooring Installer) Installer Certification in 2012.  David started his inspection education by attending over 250 inspections as an apprentice for Martin Sures and Penny Sures. He also attended the NICFI (National Institute of Certified Floor Covering Inspectors) convention in 2017 and completed an FCITS (Flooring Consultants and Inspector Training) Hard Surface Inspector Certification in 2017 officially becoming a 3rd party flooring inspector. David offers. Besides being a member of NICFI, David is also a member of the WFCA (World Floor Covering Association.) 


David has achieved several floor inspection certifications, including an FCITS Master Inspector certification, as well as attended dozens of industry events and continuing education courses within the flooring industry.


IVC Floors Certification of Installation Training, June 2008


TISE (The International Surface Event), Surfaces Flooring Trade Show, January 2012


CFI Laminate I/Hardwood I Installer Certification #15582, January 2012


NICFI Conference, October 2017


Attended over 250-floor inspections as an apprentice to Martin Sures


FCITS Certified Hard Surface Inspector, December 2017


TISE, Surfaces Flooring Trade Show, January 2018


NALFA Inspection Certification Class, January 2018


FCITS Certified Carpet Inspector, June 2018


TISE, Surfaces Flooring Trade Show, January 2019


FCITS Advanced LVT and Report Writing, January 2019


FCITS Certified Advanced Tile, Stone, and Glass Specialist, July 2019


FCITS Certified Advanced Resilient Floor Specialist, August 2019


NICFI Conference, October 2019


Shaw's Advanced Resilient Floor Presentation at NICFI 2019

TISE, Surfaces Flooring Trade Show, January 2020


NALFA Inspection Certification Class, January 2020


FCITS, Inspector Expo, July 2020

FCITS Master (Advanced) Inspector, June 2021

TISE, Surfaces Flooring Trade Show, June 2021

NALFA Inspection Certification Class, March 2022

TISE, Surfaces Flooring Trade Show, February 2022

FCTIS, Re-Certification Course, January 2024

TISE, Surfaces Flooring Trade Show, January 2024

To Download Inspector's Resume, click here

David has also attended many industry educational webinars:

National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), Sep 12, 2019, Proper Prep and Installation Methods for Contemporary Tiling, Presented by Jim Olson 


National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), Oct 1, 2019, Evolution of Grout in Ceramic Tile & Stone Installations, Presented by Jim Olson 

BYK-Gardner April 23, 2020, Hardness & Flexibility of Coatings, Presented by Tinka Zavier 

National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), May 7, 2020, Installing and Specifying Floor Heating as a Primary Heat Source, Presented by Jim Olson

National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), May 19, 2020, Why Movement Joints are Essential for a Successful Tile Installation, Presented by Andy Acker

National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), June 11, 2020, Cleaning, Sealing and Troubleshooting Solutions for Porcelain and Stone Surfaces in Today’s Environment, Presented by Jim Olson

National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), March 2, 2021, TCNA and ANSI; Specifying Successful Tile and Stone Systems by the Book, Presented by Mapei and Jim Olson. 


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